The three partners involved in the project idea operate in different countries and contexts but on a common front: that of education and training for young people, with the aim of providing them with useful tools to “live” in a more the scenario of the changes taking place is aware and constructive. In fact, organizations are fully aware that they are protagonists of the knowledge society, in the context of a new technological revolution, a green transition, and within a landscape that economists define as VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) that they have introduced new scenarios: such as digital, communication, speed of decisions.

The project is part of this trend, giving the partners the possibility to carry out a complementary action with respect to the activities carried out, with the undoubted added value of being able to represent an innovative approach and modality to the young adults involved, both in the approach and in the methodology, and also in the tools they will make available, involving them in a non-formal, engaging and innovative way, and stimulating their proactivity. The need to become familiar with two other European languages, as well as the soft and hard skills that the project will make available to them, will represent a great competitive advantage for the project participants. To be equal to the challenge that awaits young adults in the next decade, in fact, both a new mental habitat and new skills are required. And the project aims to satisfy both needs, particularly felt for young adults in Italy and Spain, who record very high unemployment rates compared to the European average.

Basilicata Press is a communication and public relations agency that was founded in 2001 to design plans and tools for integrated communication. Since 2012 she has been dealing with communication and training with a view to orientation for young people thanks to the Lavoradio podcast, dedicated to the themes of change and an entrepreneurial and proactive approach towards oneself and the world of work, with an open and constant look on Europe. To date, Lavoradio has over 1,600 podcasts, broadcast on the main podcasting platforms and listened to – only on Soundcloud ( – for almost
100,000 people. Basilicata Press has also created the Jobbing Fest, an information and training format to bring information on scenarios, tools, and new professions to schools and universities. The 2022 edition of the Jobbing Fest has been officially included in the activities of the European Youth Year (


ERASMUS ME Academy is a service-oriented association, which facilitates the management of participants in the Erasmus plus project within the framework of the European Union. The concept of business delivery is designed to facilitate feedback from participants while participating in project activity, helping them to benefit from each other while participating in the ERASMUS program. ERASMUS ME Academy also acts as a social networking platform for NGOs and individual participants. Focusing on the six pillars of the ERASMUS PLUS framework (university, high school, adult education, sport, vocational education, and training and youth), the promoters aim to create training courses that will raise awareness of the Erasmus plus project using its initiative and its unique position to establish further links with North Rhine-Westphalia universities.

Blue Beehive has a multidisciplinary team dedicated to promoting education and culture, in an effort to bridge the gap between formal and real-world education with non-formal training. We offer workshops for adults and young people on new technologies and social and artistic themes, and we work with particular attention to diversity, inclusion, discrimination, health, social awareness, and attention to the most disadvantaged groups. We also develop projects of emotional control, inclusive leadership, good healthy habits, control of technological addictions, working on attitudes of discrimination and hatred, and taking care of diversity, with the aim of forming active and tolerant citizens in a common space. of coexistence. We collaborate with various associations of disabled, immigrants, and cultures, of our environment. We test technologies for different groups.