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How to start a podcast: Complete step by step course

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How to start a podcast: Complete step by step course

Here is a course in a few steps that will explain how to start a podcast even to those who have never done it. Starting a podcast isn’t difficult, but there are a number of important steps at each stage of the process: in planning we need to pay attention from choosing the topic and name to the format of the show and episodes; we have to think about the creation of covers and the music, choosing the equipment. Recording provides for the organization of information, drafting of texts, voice-overs, recording of any interviews. Then there is the editing phase, that of publishing and sharing the podcast on the platforms.

A complex process, which needs attention and a little care in order to have a satisfactory result.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to start a podcast

Course Content

Skills for employability through podcasts
Our project, ARES, aims to develop skills for employability through the design and production of podcasts. In fact, good ideas alone are not enough to create a memorable and entertaining podcast; it is necessary to refine the specific skills both on the soft and hard side. Let's see some of them.

  • Skills for employability through podcasts

How to start a podcast: Planning
This is the initial phase (often neglected) to create a podcast, and it becomes decisive when the brainstorming for the operation is started. If you are alone, take a moment to analyse all the components necessary to create a good product. If you're working as a team, you can also organize team roles and tasks. In fact, when you create a podcast, you need someone who brings out original ideas on the topics to be proposed and also someone who then does research to give shape and structure to the ideas; you have to organize the ideas, write the texts and you need someone who goes live and recites them, but also someone who takes care of directing the program, editing and post-production. You will also need graphics to imagine the covers and technicians for publication and dissemination on platforms, sites or social channels. In short, small passions can arise around this activity which perhaps, in the future, will become jobs such as that of speaker, director, social media manager, web designer, musical director, editor-in-chief, creative director, designer.

The technical equipment. Here is the podcast producer starter kit
we will spend time speaking about technical equipment: USB microphone (type: condenser) Headphones (important in order not to alter the voice and hear only the external one) PC or smartphone

The speech of a podcast must have style but it is above all a test of spontaneity, and is often the result of a convincing, captivating, rhythmic writing. The best podcasters are above all skilled writers, closer to novelists than to journalists. This is because they have to be good at keeping the listener loyal as much as possible, just like in TV series. But the podcast lacks the visual element, it is all about sound and the ability to imagine.

Recording and editing
If you're new to editing software, even simple actions in GarageBand or Audacity can seem quite difficult. If so, then Alitu could be the way forward.

Audio editing
In Audacity it is extremely intuitive to be able to isolate a piece of text and cut, copy, paste it, etc. It is also easy to increase the volume, compress or equalize the sounds. However, we refer you to the many tutorials you find on Youtube

Publishing and Uploading Podcasts
There are so many platforms to upload and publish your podcast on.

Artificial intelligence and podcasts: some very useful tools
Anyone who's tried it knows it: the work behind a quality podcast, especially if produced independently, seems to go on forever. Artificial intelligence can be of great help for our podcasts. The tools are many and increase from month to month. Here are some provided by generative artificial intelligence, based on machine learning algorithms, which exploits already existing material and data to generate something new, such as text or images, but also sounds and videos.

To have a personalized Certificate you should ask for in in this address vito.verrastro@gmail.com

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